Zanzibar, Tanzania | 5 Beaches You Cannot Miss

zanzibar tanzania beaches

Are you a beach lover looking to explore an island? Not sure which one to choose? Tanzanian archipelago, Zanzibar’s beautiful and breathtaking islands are the ones to visit. With awe-inspiring views and incredible scenes, this place is a must-visit! Read on to find out about the five beautiful beaches you should see when visiting this incredible place:

Ras Nungwi

Ras Nungwi is different, but special in a unique way. This place is perfect if you are looking to swim without having to walk far into the sea, chasing the ocean. This location, unlike the East and West coastline, is blessed by not having to deal with low and high tides. Known for its likely party atmosphere, Nungwi is incomparable to other beach destinations in the world. Even though it is surrounded by clubs and bars, the entire atmosphere remains low key and chilled out – the Zanzibari style!


Interested in learning Scuba Diving! Windsurfing? Kite surfing? Paje is your place! This southeastern Zanzibar beach is an amazing place to visit if you like to interact with travelers and swim in the ocean. With a good selection of small restaurants, beach bars and bungalows, this place is a must-go!


Located adjacent to Nungwi, Kendwa is everyone’s favorite in Zanzibar! A calm and less happening place as Nungwi, makes it the best relaxing place for visitors. Taking dips in the perfectly turquoise water is what you always wanted – we bet! Catch the shade under a banda, a small shade hut, and watch the sunset here! With fun games, football and beach volleyball happening at the time the sun begins to set, end your day making memories!


One of the best beaches along the northeastern coast of Zanzibar, Kiwengwa is filled with natural beauty! With pure stretches of sand, few of the fanciest hotels surround Kiwengwa! Known for its exclusivity, enjoy a peaceful time while resting at this fantastic beach!


Located at the north of Paje, is the seaweed fishing village of Bwejuu! Different from the rest of the beaches at Zanzibar, this beach is regarded as not so pleasant by the visitors! But this place is for the natural beauty admirers only! With calm and peaceful surroundings, swaying palm trees dancing to the wind, this beach is one of a kind!

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