What Not to Pack For Your Next Trip

what not to pack

Have you been packing too many stuff every time you go on a trip and then end up thinking I should not have brought so many stuff with me? Yet again, when you pack for your next trip, it might not even occur to you that you are packing all the unnecessary stuff and the cycle continues!

To help you out we have listed a few things to leave behind when you pack for your next trip. Check if you have been packing all these items all this while. Once you read it, you will realize that all those items have actually been weighing you down on all your trips. The mantra is to travel light and make memorable moments.

Books and Magazines

Have you been packing those huge novels with thousands of pages to read it on your trip? Many a time, you won’t even have time to sit and read books, especially if you have kids. Today there are so many interesting articles and novels that you can access via your tablet. It is also a slimmer and lightweight option for carrying a book or magazine.


You do not have to pack all your toiletries along with you. It is because most of the hotels that you stay in offer these for free. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions are usually complimentary with your stay. Some hotels also have a supply of toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, shaving cream, razors, feminine hygiene products that they will provide you only if you ask for it. If you are on a long flight all you have to carry with you is a toothbrush, small size toothpaste, and a face wash.

Beauty Products

Cut down to the basics. You do not have to pack all those hundreds of hair taming creams, gels, face packs, curlers, hair straighteners, nail equipment, etc., etc. Just carry only the most essential, rest you can try out different parlours at your destination, it would be a refreshing change and who knows you might end up with an awesome new look too.


Do not pack too many clothes. You may think you need to pack different clothing for every single day. You may end up not wearing many of them. Do not carry too many jeans, it can really weigh you down and occupy too much of your space. For any trip longer than a week, all you need is three tops and three bottoms which you can mix and match. If you have fear of running out on clean clothes you can use laundromats that are available on the way or you can even hand wash them.

Too Many Devices

If you are not on a business trip then all you need is your smartphone as it is capable of doing almost everything. If you have a professional camera, you can carry it, but all other gadgets are only going to be a distraction and will usually not come in handy. Also instead of using over-ear headphones opt for earbuds, they occupy very less space compared to headphones.

Valuable Jewellery

Never carry valuable jewellery while you travel. You can either lose it while playing in the water or misplace it and forget it in your hotel room, or somebody might steal it. It better to be safe than sorry.

Towels, Sheets, and Shoes

Do not carry shoes that are not comfortable as you will not be wearing them there as they are impractical such as high heel shoes or ballet flats. The shoes should be comfortable to walk and do an umpteen number of activities. Also unless you are camping, do not carry towels or sheets as they are unnecessary luggage. All most all hotels provide fresh towels and sheets.

The bottom line is not to pack anything that you can buy at your destination or is available at your destination.

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What Not to Pack For Your Next Trip
What Not to Pack For Your Next Trip
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