The Exotic Myanmar Holidays – A Door To Heaven

myanmar holidays

If your next travel destination is the Southeast Asia, you could plenty of destinations to explore. But, now it is better to think differently and enjoy exotic vacations in Myanmar. Be it adventure travel, leisure tour or a fun-filled family holiday, the country will provide you everything that makes for a memorable vacation. Other cosmopolitan countries with modern amenities would not make you feel like exploring anything new, but Myanmar would. Simple, pure, serene and picturesque, this is the destination that would give the fun and adventure to cherish for lifetime. You can be truly exotic, adventurous and fun in this land that is mostly left out from the travel plans. Include it in your next plan, and you would be grateful to yourself for including it in your travel chart. Be it Myanmar trekking, diving, sailing or other activities, your spirit would know no boundaries.

Can you find anything more exotic than Mandalay?

Myanmar mandalay tourism

Plan to explore the cultural side of the country, and you would get nothing better than Mandalay city. While your arrival in the Yangon city may not be immensely exciting, your advent in Mandalay would give a completely different feel. Your trip is more than worth when you plan to land in this city that is the cultural heart of Myanmar. A tour to this city is like stepping out of the ordinary and exploring something that is unfamiliar yet majestic. Mandalay is the pre-colonial capital of the country and hence you can get to see several buildings, streets and other elements reflecting the pre-British and pre-Western way of living. You get to explore a truly exotic culture not to be seen anywhere.

Explore the historical mystique of Bagan

Bagan myanmar tourist place

The city of Bagan and the plain are majestic, and a sight to behold. When Myanmar used to be the geopolitical player in Southeast Asia, then Bagan was the capital of the country. The city has more than 2200 Buddhist temples and pagodas built between 11 and 13 centuries AD. The city carries with it the glorious history and past of Burma as it once was the largest kingdom in this region. It is also the pilgrimage capital of the country because of its many religious structures and temple complexes.

Adventure at its best

sailing in myanmar

Nothing can be more exciting than some activities filled with adventure. And, the country offers everything you need. Sailing in Myanmar is one of the most popular activities in the Inle Lake. The fun-filled activity gives you a life-time of memories that are sweet and pleasant.

Not to forget is the Himalayan travel in the country. Myanmar Himalayas travel takes you to the lower mountain range of Eastern Himalaya in the Northern tip of the country. Your treat your senses with incredibly diverse flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage and beautiful wilderness amid white snow capped peaks. The site is great for a plethora of activities that would set your spirits high.

Yet another thing to fill you with adventure is Myanmar scuba diving. You can choose packages for diving cruise in Myanmar Andaman Sea and Mergui Archipelago to explore the life beneath water. Nothing can be more exciting than exploring the life under sea.

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