Rich Cultural Holidays to Crete Island, Greece

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Despite volatile history, Cretans had somehow developed this uncanny knack of maintaining their ancient culture and rituals. It’s rather intriguing that despite all the conquest, they have maintained their unique way of life and its marriage ceremonies and cuisine till this date. On this Cheap Holidays to Crete, discover their local culture and some mesmerizing sightseeing which includes scintillating beaches and glorious archaeological museums; above all, visit the mystical caves and the exotic Aquariums. Explore this wonderful Greek island and also relish the authentic cuisine on this cheap holidays to Crete all inclusive.

Lagoons and Beaches on Holidays to Crete

To begin with, Elafonisi Lagoon and beach is a wonderful place to be. It’s indeed, a magical place with small islets. The awe-inspiring lagoon with turquoise water is a breathtaking sight. Had there not been the material things around like car parks, seabeds, and umbrellas, it could have been deceivingly viewed as paradise. Visit the Chrysoskalitisa monastery situated on a high rock with only 5 km from the beach. There is a widespread belief that the last step of the monastery is made of gold, but it is only visible to those who believe in God.

Balos Beach is ideal for snorkeling, it’s a wide sandy beach spread across, and surrounded by rocky hills. The landscape is surrounded by hard rocks and its spread wide across the place. Disappear into the vastness of long stretch of coastline.

Preveli Beach is an isolated beautiful beach in Crete. The overwhelming tall Kourtaliotiko Gorge touches the Libyan coast. There is a wild tropical forest around the terrain, with amazing Bonelli’s Golden Eagle. Several sun loungers flock to this beach during the peak summer to bask in the sunshine.

Mythical Psychro Cave on Crete Holidays

Once used to be a highly revered place among the Minoan civilization. According to Greek mythology, it was the birthplace of Zeus, and this is the same place where Zeus was nurtured and protected from his father Cronus. Visit the mysterious cave and delve into the rich Greek mythology.

Aquariums and Aquaworld

Great opportunity to check out some of the rare cold-blooded species and various reptiles. Many of the species were on the verge of extinction. However, the Aqua world Aquarium had provided a safe haven for these rare reptiles.

Visit Cretaquarium where there are nearly 60 tanks with 2000 exotic marine organism. Discover some of the amazing marine species and find out the way fishes and sharks are fed.

Best time to Visit Crete

Idea time to visit is from mid may to June and then from September to October. The best time to enjoy the balmy Mediterranean weather in May and June.


Cretan cuisine is quite unique. There is a huge use to olive oil, wild herbs, and other aromatic plants. This provides a unique Greek fragrance. There is plenty of fish red meat and dairy product. Try Dakos which has an Arab influence on it and prepared from virgin olive oil. Savor the exotic fried snails; relish the Cretan cheese prepared from goat’s milk. The Cheese is a quintessential Cretan cuisine.

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