Majorca Spain: Things to Do During Holidays

Majorca islands, Spain

Majorca is more than a beach a beach adventure. The island’s amazing agricultural practices on the mountainous landscape, glorious past, extravagant food and numerous attractions are worth exploring on Majorca Holidays. Apart from fun filled adventure, the destination features a beautiful historical town and plenty of landmark sites. The largest Balearic Island is well equipped with best hotels, that you can avail at best savings on a Majorca Holidays . Here is the list of best things that you should explore on a vacation.

Explore the cultural landscape of Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the fascinating city which features great culture and rich heritage. The Cathedral is the pride of the Majorca, it overlooks old harbor. It was built during medieval times, features the most inspiring stone architecture. Much of the remodeling of interiors is done by Antoni Gaudi, the legendary architect. The city is the great beauty that you should explore on Majorca Holidays. Other attractions comprise the museum, which has the finest collection of the Fundacion Pilar I Joan Miro, the top class Catalan architect. Pretty close to the island you will spot the beautiful beaches of Playa de Palma and the Playa del Arenal on Majorca Holidays.

Alcudia’s Old Town

Alcudia is the most picturesque town worth exploring on a Holiday to Majorca. This well preserved medieval town is the home to plenty of historical towns, best restaurants and many more attractions. The fortified town faced severe threats from foreigners and pirates too. The moment you land in the town, you feel an ambiance of medieval times. You can find the renaissance era buildings, ruins of Roman houses, a Baroque style church and numerous interesting sites. If you come outside the town, there is a park which features amazing collection of birds. In addition, there is a beach resort, close to the park.

Puerto Portals

The South west region of Majorca Island draws maximum crowd, even royal families of countries. It features plenty of fashionable yacht clubs, cafe cultures and finest restaurants. Further the destination is widely known for boutiques, cars and a waterfront scene. Gourmet dining is the most peculiarity of the island. The region is also popular for a family adventure, water park nearby is the great to see magical play of dolphins and sea lions.


The gorgeous village of Valledemossa makes the Tramuntana Mountains and glorious Mediterranean Sea as its backdrop. The village is well organized with pedestrian friendly streets and verdant landscape. Located on the top of the hill, this beautiful village to its slopes features dramatic beaches, coves and a fishing village. If you want to taste some authentic seafood, it is the great place to try on Majorca Holidays.

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