How To Plan A Desert Trip In Morocco With Your Family

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The world offers the travel enthusiasts a wide range of tourist destinations, and there are many places which are uncharted, and you are still missing the experience of the places. The desert is one of the places where you can get an exclusive experience. Have you visited a desert? If no, then, you should start a plan to explore the Morocco desert where you can get a lifetime experience. The place is enormous; therefore you may get confused about how to plan the itinerary. The short piece of writing can suggest you how to prepare to enjoy your vacation strategically.

Planning itinerary

Many travelers who have visited the place suggested that seven days trip will be beneficial for you as it will cover all most every place. In addition to that Morocco, Desert Tours will carry out with camel rides, campfire, and many more exciting fun activities. The itinerary is outlined below:

Day 1

Visit Marrakech at first. Stay overnight at the place. Explore the local markets and enjoy the local delicious foods to understand the exotic culture of Marrakech. The Morocco Desert Tours will assist you in every possible way. They will even arrange the dinner for you and your families.

Day 2

The Morocco Tours will take you to the city-Ouarzazate. While you leave the Marrakech city, you will be engrossed in the beauty of nature. You will pass through the stunning High Atlas Mountains. There are many famous movie studios where many popular English movies were produced.

Day 3

The day three will be your one of the exciting day of the itinerary. The travel agency will drive through the Anti-atlas ranges, and you will reach the next destination, i.e., Merzouga. In this place, you will get an opportunity to ride on a camel. The Sahara desert is close to the place. The agency also provides a camp night under the Saharan starry night.

Day 4

The next day you will be in the Todra gorge. The one thousand ft. George is placed on the side of the limestone cliff, and it is popularly known as the ‘Grand Canyon of Morocco.’ The agency will arrange accommodation to stay their overnight.

Day 5

Ait Benhaddou is the next stop of your itinerary. You will visit the Rose Valley. The city is legendary as the place is the connector of the caravan routes which is UNESCO granted world heritage listed.

Day 6

The Djemaa el Fna is one of the legendary places where you must visit to explore the beauty of the sand dunes. In this place, you may explore the authentic foods; the exuberant marketplace will undoubtedly entertain you.

Day 7

At the end of the itinerary, the travel agency can bring back to the Marrakech. You will stay overnight and then the agency will drop you at the airport.

The tour may end in the seventh day of the itinerary, but the memory will remain forever. Therefore, organize a plan and visit the place with your families.

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