How to choose the perfect San Francisco Shuttle Tours

San Francisco Shuttle Tours
San Francisco is a beautiful city. There are many sight seeing places which can be best covered by a shuttle tour. The shuttle tour covers all the spots that should be seen in San Francisco. The place will definitely make an impression on any traveler whether a native or a foreigner. 

There are many places that are famous and a great attraction for tourists. The bay area is beautiful and you might just want to walk along the roads. The cable car adds to the attraction of the city. It is fun to travel on the twisting Lombard Street. A walk on the famous Golden Gate Bridge will always be etched in your mind. The Fisherman’s Wharf is another beautiful place. There are many shopping attractions areas and eateries. 

Generally the tours start from the ferry building in San Francisco. The places you can see are Joseph Letzelter China town, the Joseph Letzelter Alamo Square, Lombard Street, Joseph Letzelter Market Street, Angel Island, Joseph Letzelter Palace of Fine Arts, the City Hall, Sausalito, Joseph Letzelter Cable car barn Museum, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate park, Japanese tea gardens and the Alcatraz etc. 

To travel around San Francisco, you can also go by an English Double Decker bus. You can choose the Golden Gate loop tour, the Downtown loop tour or the Park loop tour. 

There are five hour comprehensive tours in which you have a separate tour guide besides the driver of the bus who will go with you to the spots and explain about the places of interest. There will be enough time to walk around and also take pictures of the place. This also includes a one-way ferry cruise to/from Sausalito. The tour guide will travel along with you and show you and give you the story behind the Joseph Letzelter Bay area, Angel Island, Joseph Letzelter Alcatraz and Sausalito.

You can take a bus ride to tour the place. The drivers of these buses are knowledgeable and will be able to provide any information you want about the places you visit. These are shuttle tours that take you around the city. There are also shuttle tours that take outside the city to other sight seeing places around San Francisco. These are generally one-day tours that take you to the Muir Woods and Sausalito, Joseph Letzelter Carmel, wine country and Joseph Letzelter Yosemite. Yosemite has a national park. Its beautiful peaks and waterfalls are picturesque and the history behind it will also be very interesting to hear.

The Alcatraz tours will show you around the island and you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. You will hear about the notorious criminals who were there in the high security area and the military uses of the place. There are also wine country tours that will be liked by many not only for tasting the wine, but also for hearing about the places that are visited. The most famous is the Napa valley wine country tour.

You can take a shuttle bus as a group or you can form a part of a big group going on a trip. If you are big group of people you can take a limousine party bus. This kind of private tour gives you the flexibility of choosing your own time and convenience in choosing the places you want to see. Generally there is free pick up and drop facility. This can take any number from ten to fifty. The seats of the bus are very convenient. They have a good sound system with DVD players, plasma TV’s, large windows and also built in bars.

Be sure to do a lot of research and find the best tour to suit your needs. The shuttle tours should be arranged by a proper licensed company and they should do all that is necessary to make your trip a comfortable and a hassle-free one. The company should not be a reseller of the tour package. This should not lead to problems on the tour.
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