Cheapest Travel Destination Around The World

cape town - cheapest destination around the world

So if you want to travel a world but you don’t have a enough budget, then do not worry we are going to cover coolest and cheapest travel destination around the world.

Cape town, South Africa

cape town - cheapest destination around the world

Cape town has it all, a great weather, wild & safaris, good beaches. Awesome blend of European & African culture. Cape town may be far away but once you there it is one of the best overall destination for our mind.

Vietnam,  South East Asia.

vietnam - cheapest destination around the world

50 years ago Vietnam was turn apart by war, now it is one of the top travel destination in our planet

  • Ho Chi Minh City is also known as Saigon, has tons of beautiful French colonial architecture.
  • Hanoi, capital of Vietnam has a great street side bars, you can get a fresh bear cost at just 25 cents a glass and on kind of expensive things in the Vietnam is Ha Long Bay which is worth it. Vietnam is not the cheapest  country in Asia, it does not have a cheapest beaches but a motor cycle invention from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi is totally worth it

Ecuador, South America

Ecuador - cheapest destination around the world

Ecuador got its name after equator it’s a incredible country. It has endless mountain known as Galapagos islands, and Amazon rain forest which is one of the most bio diverse places on earth.

Poland, Eastern Europe

Poland- cheapest destination travel around the world

Its one of the valuable destination in the Europe continent. It has  a salt old town. Great night life, good restaurant, tons of hostels at affordable prices across the board.

Montreal,  Quebec Canada

Montreal- best travel destination around the world

Capital city of Canadian province of Quebec. Montreal combines French Canadian heritage with great food and killer music and some of the best prices you will find in a north American city

IndiaRajasthan - the cheapest place in world

It’s a cheapest classic budget travel to you. India is a country full of diversity, It have scenery, the great Himalaya, the good food, the best Instagram potential, and the city Mumbai- home of Bollywood. Its some time hard to known from where to start.

Rajasthan – India’s largest amongst colorful state. Himalaya- we can pose yoga mediation,  in ashram, may be we can see Dalai lama . No maters where you go you can travel India for a whole month in a price of 1 week in  Europe.


Mexico- best travel destination around the world

Amazing street architecture and some of the best food in the planet. For those who are in the united state, California or southern states, Mexico is extremely accessible . Tulum a town in mexico is a 90 minute drive south of Cancun. Awesome restaurants (both in town and at the beach), small boutique hotels steps from the water, and just over-all wonderful atmosphere. Be sure to rent bikes to get around the town, the beach, or between the two. if you are in united state specially in southern board or California, mexico is the one of the closest and one of the cheapest location in the  world. Head down to the bar of California. you can drink Devin crap bear, eat lobster and drink amazing vine at a fraction of price that you will pay in United States.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest- Best travel destination around the world

A staring capital fall of broke architecture of golfer days . Austrian Hungarian empire.


nepal- best cheapest travel destination around the world

Feel like change in scenery how about Nepal. Nepal is the excess point of Himalayas and even  if you not trying to climb a mountain Everest  which is feel most of us are, there is tons of stuff to as you can go wild water rappelling paragliding even wild life safaris in jungle and see Rhino-  “yes they have rhino“. The country is still recovering from  2015 earthquake so your tourist dollar will help to grow and build Nepal.

Sri Lankasri lanka - best cheapest travel destination around world

One of over looked country in Asia. If you want like India, go to Sri Lanka .  Sri Lanka is now a peace tourist place, discovering beautiful beaches, colorful  culture and 500 elephants the are just walking around the country . It is down side country and it is still not develop for the tourism but there are tons of option so you need to spend here some time around to create your invention.

Nicaragua- Central America

Nicaragua- cheapest places to visit in world

It’s a great alternative to Costa Rica but it have become most popular. Coast rica is a incredible country but now become more expensive, that not the case with Nicaragua, It has got so many uncovered beaches. A cheap bear and tons of adventure opportunities town. Get started and get down to Nicaragua till  it get changes

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires- best travel destination in world

Great place to visit, also the capital of Argentina. it is of super fun and a great deal, it have a blend of Italian and Spanish emergencies like french architecture. A good place to stay for tourist specially for night stay and a lovely dinner every night with plenty of wine with beautiful people to hang up.

Thailand, South East Asia

Thailand - best travel destination around the world

It is a favorite destination for most back packers and with good reasons were you can get a private companies on a beach for 10 bucks and long massage for 5 bugs and a amazing street food for a dollar only in Thailand.

Island and beach are starting to get bit more expensive but Chiang Mai city in north in Thailand is still a great deal. Specially if you trying to do some trekking or volunteering in elephant sanctuaries island.

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