Amazing Sailing Vacation in Croatia

sailing vacation in croatia

Mediterranean cuisine is characteristic for Croatia according to it’s location and climate, so to every gourmand yachtsman we recommend to find a tavern where he will be able to enjoy in the full taste of domestic tomatoes, olive oil, fish…all of those characteristic Mediterranean fruits.

In almost every place on the islands you can find an indigenous tavern – a small, family nest where the food is prepared and served in a domestic atmosphere. We warmly recommend you to eat in small places like that and to avoid restaurants where the food is often overrated and without those small attributes and charm that taverns are filled with. When we say attributes and charm we think of numerous home made brandies usually served with dried figs…home made bread, freshly caught fish seasoned with domestic olive oil. Tavern owners grow their own vegetables, have their own pickled capers, onions…they tend to have the best domestic wine, sea salt, carob, oregano and the rest of the aromatic plants or any other coastal food supplements.

These taverns that we are describing are available for yachtsmen. The offer is usually based on traditional domestic recipes with skilled and imaginative ways of preparing new meals. Tavern has to be a family place and the owner himself or herself has to be the main cook. You have to be able to see what’s cooking or at least be able to come to the kitchen door and see what’s going on. After an exquisite experience like that you have to have a wish to sail there again and again.

Besides the mentioned gastronomy pictures, the other worthy tavern characteristic is the typical ambience – stone. The offer is not the only thing that influences guest selection, ambience is also very important. The mentioned ambience and atmosphere is easiest to experience on Kornati Islands that besides gastronomical offer also have recognizably clean sea and peace that begins to reign over the archipelago at night. The one thing that is easy to percive on Kornati Islands is that there are more and more older, experienced yachtsmen that really enjoy that peaceful atmosphere. We can say for sure that the gastronomy offer on Kornati Islands is approximated by quality but not by price too.

As one of the limitations of the mentioned quality service we should remark that in most of the taverns it is not possible to pay by a credit card. In general, there are maybe just a couple of catering establishments that offer the possibility of paying by credit card. Yachtsmen are usually the customers that like to pay using credit cards and the absence of ATM machines can get them to very uncomfortable situations. If you wish to spend seven days on Kornati Islands you better bring a substantial amount of cash with you.

Most of the taverns have their own docks or it is possible to anchor before them. It would be to extensive to enumerate and name every single one of those taverns, so if you already have a marked route you would like to follow or you need any kind of recommendation involved, you are welcome to address us directly for the continuation of the story – for names and destinations of the taverns, for rich and diverse routes, skilled skippers, quality boats…

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