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Forgetting phone charger

Forgetting phone charger is a frustrating thing. Charging phone for overnight and forgetting phone charger when you are in hurry for an airport because if phone died in middle of the travelling there may be overprized phone charger at the airport. You should keep phone charger in your bag at the time of packing because at the packing time you remember about to take charger

Pack an eye mask

Pack an eye mask – in some hotel rooms or hostels the personal light illuminate in the room way to much and you may not sleep at night while travelling sleeping is much more important for next day enthusiasm. And also if you are sharing room and you may get disturb because of another person. So it is advisable to carry one ever if you usually do not sleep with it at home.

Black bag

Black bag – black color bag is much more common so at the time of bags coming out of carousel some may get confuse which one is there and hard to figure out. If you grape someone’s else it may feel awkward at the time of exchange so do not buy black bags buy unique or different color bags may be red or grey or put some sign to identify to avoid confusion.

Do research while visiting historical place

Research if you are going to visit historical place or monuments. Do research the place history and importance that will help you to understand the culture and understand the importance of the place and automatically you will enjoy for being in the place and while visiting the place you will recollect the reading. But if you have not done that it will be difficult to remember the place you will only see the place. if you walking around and you don’t know what you were seeing it just made it not as enjoyable experience because I knew it was probably something really cool but didn’t know what it was so I was just like okay like cool if you know history in person it feels surreal its exciting. I read book on that some online and now I can see in person and its just so much more of a special moment.

Dust bags

Dust bags – No need to buy specific bag for your shoes. Use dust bag for your shoes if don’t buy dust bag for your shoes. You don’t need to buy a specific bag just for your shoes so that take an urban outfitters bag because they have kind of like a thick fabric they’re really perfect for this just stuff shoes in it and tie the top and that way you can use dust buy for your shoes.

Early flights

Early flights – planes can take off early – yes. They can. if every one checked in which like never happens that if everyone checked in they can decide to board early and then they can get their paperwork from air traffic control to take off early.

Room service

Room service – room service is totally acceptable and okay if you’re travelling on business because it makes your like easier you’re really there to see a city you’re there to do work get all the room service you want in that case but if you’re travelling to a different country and you get room service that is such a shame because a huge part of travelling is  ordinary experience you have with the city the exploration to find different restaurants and the whole experience of a restaurant seeing the menu in the atmosphere also it’s way more expensive like a pot of coffee ends up being like 20 bucks.

Check-in late

Check-in late you’re probably heard horror stories of someone that didn’t check in right away and they gave their seat away now that can definitely happen but that’s really not something that l’m worried about or like preaching to you about today you should check-in right away yes they could give your seat away but also if you haven’t ha your seat assigned when you booked your flight the quicker you check in the quicker you get to choose where you’re sitting and if you check in last guess where you’re sitting. So always check-in right away if you’re booking a basic economy seat a lot of the times they don’t let you pick your seat right they don’t let you pick your seat right then and ‘ think they do that because they want you to pick your seat but to want to pick your seat you have to pay to upgrade to a different kind of not so basic price to seat if you have basic economy and they’re not letting you pick your seat yet let’s say there’s 30 other people that bought basic economy seats and they don’t have their receipt signed well 24hrs before the fight when you can check-in that means there’s 30seats to choose from then its really just first come first serve first person to check in gets first pick of all 30 next person next person next person so if you wait till you get to the airport to check-in and everyone else checked in guess where you’re sitting.

Locking your luggage

Locking your luggage- this one again applies to if you’re staying in a hostel but forgetting to bring a lock so typically the hostel sells locks so forgetting to bring a lock it’s not that huge of a deal but lot of the looks that they sell are very cheap generic type locks that are pretty easy to pick to break into your stuff . l’ve never had  a situation where that happened but I would be wary of it and on the safe side you should just buy your own lock that’s little more heavy duty just form the store that’s not the same as the generic kind that they’re selling at the hostel




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  1. What a great article, Chock full of vital information for traveling in tips. We spent 5 months with a little baby in Sydney and it was a beautiful place as we went on a business trip there. Anyway, we still did tonnes of free camping. Thanks for sharing the views with us. nice article.

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